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Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year

We are OPEN and here for you if you need us

Following the latest government guidance, we are partially open during tear 4 lockdown providing appointments to address an injury, condition or healthcare need.

Restrictions and Close Contact Information:

There is a restriction in place on close contact services, therefore:

We cannot provide any appointments that are not to address an injury, condition or healthcare - for example, a routine maintenance Sports Massage; 

Appointments will be kept as short as possible;

All close contact treatments (hands on) will be minimized as much as possible; 

Patients must wear a face covering when attending an appointment unless medically
exempt, this is to protect you, your therapist and the other patients.



Bea Sports Clinic Summer Blog

Our New Summer Series Of Articles

Welcome to our short special series of articles about running.

Today, we bring you 8 key tips to stay safe and to continue enjoying your running time.

With the summer season well and truly with us, many of you may be thinking of taking up this hugely popular pastime or you might well be seasoned regulars.

The high rate of running injuries makes focusing on prevention key. If you can prevent injuries, you’ll be able to run more consistently, reach a higher weekly mileage, do more challenging workouts – and ultimately, race a lot faster for longer. 

Prevention is essentially the ‘mirror image’ of risks or causes of injuries. If you understand those, then you know where to start.

Download Our Free Article.

This first article in our series will outline the key areas of preventing trouble when you run. From Training Errors to Training Strengths, this free guide is a superb way to kick off our short season of special articles.