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Following the latest government guidance, we are partially open during tear 4 lockdown providing appointments to address an injury, condition or healthcare need.

Restrictions and Close Contact Information:

There is a restriction in place on close contact services, therefore:

We cannot provide any appointments that are not to address an injury, condition or healthcare - for example, a routine maintenance Sports Massage; 

Appointments will be kept as short as possible;

All close contact treatments (hands on) will be minimized as much as possible; 

Patients must wear a face covering when attending an appointment unless medically
exempt, this is to protect you, your therapist and the other patients.

Unless you fall off, cycling is a sport blessed by its body-friendliness! In fact, riding big miles is more likely to get you fit than fractured. But, like any endurance sport, cycling can produce a catalogue of niggling aches and pains, which if left untreated can become more serious. To give your pain a name and point you down the right road to recovery, we’ve listed the 8 most common cycling ailments, their most likely causes, and how to go about fixing them.

There are two main types of cycling injury, those caused by falling off (which we don’t discuss below) and the issues caused by overtraining, biomechanical stresses, often due to muscle imbalances, and incorrect bike set-up. It is particularly important for the sake of future injury prevention to identify the root cause and address this ASAP.

Treating and preventing the 8 most common cycling injuries, click on the each one of them to learn more:

Neck pain and cycling

Back pain and cycling

Hip pain and cycling

Iliotibial Band syndrom and cycling

Knee pain and cycling

Hand pain and cycling

Achilles pain in cycling

Foot pain and cycling (Metatarsalgia)