Welcome to our short special series of articles about running.

Today, we bring you information and tips to stay free from Achilles Tendon and Plantar Fascia injuries and show you what to do if you are suffering from the condition.

The Achilles tendon and plantar fascia are energy-absorbing and energy-releasing structures that are working throughout each stride. They absorb the load as your foot impacts the ground (loads are often 3 times your body weight) and convert the energy to propel yourself during the push-off phase of a stride (where forces are as high as 7 times your body weight). The Achilles tendon and calf muscle are therefore an essential unit, critical for efficient and effective running.

The Achilles tendon is prone to overuse purely by the nature of its function. Pain occurs because of weakness or dysfunction in the tendon rather than what was previously thought to be an inflammatory reaction. This can be a challenging area to treat due to the tendon’s poor perfusion (blood flow), which may need longer recovery periods, so it’s best to tackle this injury at the earliest point possible.

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This second feature in our summer series of articles about running takes an in-depth look at the symptoms, cause, fix and prevention of Achilles Tendinopathy.