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We offer a wide range of Sports Injury Treatments that can help towards injury recovery and  muscle strengthening using  100% pure and natural methods .

We specialise in sports massage and hands on injury rehabilitation.

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Advanced Treatments

We have developed treatments that help eleviate the pain of injury and encourages recovery

Professional Therapists

Our growing team of therapists are professionally qualified and experienced practitioners.

Injury and Recovery

Our wide range of therapies are designed to treat the course of your injury quickly

No matter what activity led to your injury, our highly developed treatments can help

With such clear benefits such as increased circulation, speedy recovery, prevention from injury, and many more, Bea Sports Injury Clinic offers a targetted program that can enhance your performance and endurance and muscle flexibility.

We Have The Experience

Our highly trained, professional team of therapists specialise in the treatments that have been developed specifically to deal with your injury or strain.

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Our Specialist Therapies
We offer an extensive range of injury, stress and strain therapies, each one professionally delivered by our professional and experienced therapists

Sports Massage

Regardless of who you are, a sports person or just doing your usual work sitting at a desk all day long, everyone will have immense benefits in including sports massage into their lives,

Deep Tissue Massage

Many people actually fall into a deeper state of relaxation when they receive a deep tissue massage and it is a brilliant technique used to help relieve chronic aches and pain.

Myofascial Release

Sustained and gentle pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion by relaxing the deep tissue of the body providing lasting and effective pain relief.

Acupuncture and Dry Needle

The goal of both acupuncture and dry needling therapy is to reduce pain, improve mobility and restore function. These are powerful techniques that can relax tight, painful muscles.

Lymphatic Massage

A massage technique that uses a gentle pumping technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and improve lymph drainage.

Pregnancy and Prenatal

Specially tailored for the mum to be, this technique will take some of the strain off your muscles and joints, and totally re-energize you.
Award Winning Care and Treatments
Bea Sports Injury Clinic brings experience, premium client care and a wide range of therapies suited for everyone. It’s little wonder then that we have won the 2019 Best Sports Massage Clinic 2019 awards  in Leicestershire.