If you have lower back pain, you may not think much beyond just that area, but quite oftenlower back pain can be caused by something not being quite right in the hips. That’s due to the close proximity and shared structures between the hip and back. Let’s discuss… 

Your vertebrae and discs of the lower back, called the lumbar spine, are prone to a few common problems such as stenosis, herniation, and disc bulges. This is due to the mobility of the lower back. You see, this area is one of the most mobile sections of the spine. The more mobile a joint or area of the body is, the less stable it is. It’s a bit like a trade. To gain the mobility, you lose a little stability in that section of the back. For many, these conditions are a natural part of the ageing process, and even more never experience any pain with them. However, think about how your lumbar spine connects and relates to the hips and pelvis.  

If your hips are off balance in some way, let’s say they rotate a little more toward the back than normal; what we would refer to as a posterior pelvic tilt, this puts unnecessary pressure on the lumbar spine. By the pelvis sitting in this backward rotation, even just a few degrees off, the pelvic bones begin to pull on ligaments and muscles throughout the hips, lower back, and even the legs. This can cause you to round your lower back more, putting even more pressure on that lumbar spine. It’s a little like the chicken and egg conundrum; although we may not be able to pinpoint which came first, it’s best to treat both to ensure the entire situation is resolved.  

This is just one example, but it goes to show the connection. And this is why we focus on a broader area than just your point of pain. So, when you arrive and complain of back pain, we’ll also be assessing and working with your hips to ensure we address the real problem to get you out of pain and back to a pain free life. We can combine a number of treatments to best suit your specific needs, which we’ll discuss when you come in for an appointment, you may benefit from sports massage for exampleas well as bespoke exercise rehabilitation plan.