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About how long does it take for sprouted seeds to be ready to transition to the garden? I have 8 weeks until avg last killing frost here in NW Arkansas. Lyn Dominguez October 2019 seeds; butterflies5869; asked Mar 12, 2014 by Tony. Hi David, I’m leaving my milkweed seeds in the refrigerator for just over a month…I hope it’s too cold for any of them to germinate before I take them out. so might as well try again. By stratifying, or subjecting seeds to a cold/moist environment for a short period of time, you simulate the conditions of a seed's natural break of dormancy that occurs when the seeds spend the winter in the ground. Naturally, each one asked the same question: How do I germinate these? Are indoor pots safer to sprout them then transplant? Filed Under: Butterfly Garden Ideas, Milkweed Garden Ideas, Milkweed Propagation, Minnesota Garden Ideas, Plant Propagation, Starting A Garden Tagged With: cold stratification, milkweed seeds, stratify milkweed seeds, Honeybees can have a hard time with milkweed, sometimes getting their legs caught in the flowers: http://www.ourhabitatgarden.org/creatures/milkweed-varieties.html, Hi Larry, I have seen flies and small white butterflies get stuck in common milkweed blooms, but never honey bees, and we see them often in our garden…. I didn’t use a heated mat. Milkweed seed can be planted directly in soil, or started indoors. Gwendolyn, on behalf of our community, I would like to thank you for sharing this surprisingly simple way of starting milkweed seeds! Hello, I just pulled out a bag of milkweed pods (uncertain of the type) my son and I collected in Bethesda, MD last fall. Here at Joyful Butterfly, our preferred medium is a coarse, washed, all-purpose sand. If any one has any extra Milkweeds seeds could you please send to me, I’d appreciate it! The most dependable way to stratify seeds is in a moist medium, wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator. Hi Deb, I just added this info to the post from Gwendolyn: “I pour them out on soil when I start seeing roots, then sprinkle a little soil over them.”. Place your folded filter inside a plastic sandwich bag and seal the bag shut. Empty plastic milk jugs (without caps) or any other container that lets light in. For Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) Prairie Moon Nursery recommends 30 days of cold stratification. I was going to do a comparison of germination rates between seeds that had wet cold stratification to those that had dry cold stratification, but I don’t know when my paper towel dried out. If they have started to sprout, that is okay but you will want to put them into soil immediately. Water temperature should be 75 to 85 degrees. Milkweeds, various species within the genus Asclepias, are herbaceous perennials whose hardiness and other … Soak milkweed seeds in water for several hours or overnight; tap water is okay. In using the Outdoor Methods, it is best to plant your seeds after the first frost. Everyone talks about that point but what do those of use with no experience know what it really looks like. No need for seed heating mats or indoor lights. I’m not sure if you’d know for the Lupine, but would it be too late to start the butterfly weed seeds inside in 2 weeks to a month? Hi Rita, I’m not sure what you’re asking? Putting dry milkweed seeds (also called dry, cold stratification) improves the germination rate minimally. Fill the peat pots three-quarters to the top with potting soil. Thanks for reading and best of luck with your milkweed! For perennial milkweed seeds (already stratified) to germinate best, do you recommend using a heat mat once they are sowed in seed flats? I’ve always prepared milkweed seeds by using the artificial stratification method ( click here for instructions ), however, was intrigued by this unique method. They blow away on the wind thanks to their silky parachutes. I want to plant an acre or two. March 2019 In fact, many California plants do not need a frost to trigger germination, but it is on a species by species basis. What I do is to save the seeds in the fall just as the pods begin to open. Thanks for this information. To stratify seeds, start by placing them in some moistened peat, sand, or paper towels in a closed container or sealed plastic bag. I admire your commitment Brian, but that seems like a lot of extra work, when you could just have several varieties that peak at different times. Congrats Erica…thanks for sharing and good luck with your new seedlings! Stratification is the process of mimicking the natural over-wintering process by exposing the seeds to cool, moist conditions. I released 4 Monarchs yesterday and have 2 more that will be released today and 2 more chrysalises that should eclose maybe today. I’ve been storing seeds dry, in the fridge…is this ok? Hi Eli, Alternatively you can direct Sow in the Fall/Autumn. I collected some seeds last year and have them in pods. I HOPE I catch their interest and they will in turn try and grow more milk weeds for Monarchs too. It is recommended to water from the bottom up by adding a half-inch of water to the bottom of a tray and placing the pots inside this tray. Will be interesting to see how they turn out. Any advice that might increase my success rate? I had so little luck with my outdoor stratified butterfly weed (one lone seedling out of 30 planted) that I’m going to try the cold, moist stratification in the fridge, too. Kitty Connolly on April 7, 2019 at 7:29 am No stratification is necessary. fungus gnat eggs/larvae are in soil so there would be no difference between using wild and prepackaged seeds. Hi Brian, it’s hard to imagine the seeds would germinate if the temp inside your refrigerator is in the mid-thirties. I hope that helped! 185 Yellowwood Drive If you’re growing tropical milkweed under grow lights, 10-12 hours a day should be sufficient. 2. I have not cold stratified in the freezer but know that it can be done. (I'm in an apartment so cant put in ground. I just can’t wait for spring!!!! Will make 2018 February 2019 Scragly but alive. After this period, bring the plants indoors to spur germination. If you are doing an outdoor stratification, you can skip this step. Place 1-2 cold stratified seeds in each pot. Germination of Milkweed Seeds. Do I have to stratify the showy milkweed seeds before planting. Is it too late to cold stratify and plant the seeds? Dampen paper towel. Will be prepared next time one passes thru. Hi Alice, congrats on your butterfly garden success and helping start your local community butterfly garden. This way I will always have the freshest possible milkweed for the monarchs all year long, and I won’t risk having hundreds of milkweed plants in my garden next year, just those that I want. 3 Big Advantages of Winter Sown Milkweed + Winter Sowing Container ideas, Soak warm weather milkweed seeds including A. curassavica, C. gigantea, C. procera, G. fruticosus, & G.physocarpa in warm water 24 hours before planting. I am also planning on potting them up when there are about 4 sets of real leaves. Put it in refrigerator dry, and did nothing else. I am very excited about raising the Monarchs. I do this with our common/swamp every year. Seeds require cold moist stratification. Am I going the night direction? Is our area cold enough for that? number around 30 Monarch's. I used plain room temp, rain water, I guess about a cup in the containers, (plus a tablespoon from a gallon of rainwater mixed with 1 cup 3% Hydrogen peroxide). Have been reading and wonder where you get seed for the purple milkweed. Place sand/seed mixture in a ziploc bag and seal. To stratify, first obtain a substrate. As for next year you should consider fall-winter sowing for less effort. Hi Helen, make sure the plant is getting plenty of light so it comes out of dormancy. How deep? Starting 1-2 months before avg final frost (or spring sowing) is what I would recommend for northern regions. If starting seeds without cold stratification, plant in the fall for germination the following spring. Likewise, every 10-degree F. (-12 C.) increase in temperature can also cost seeds half their storage life. 100% of the Cold Dry Stratified and 92% of the Cold Moist Stratified (1 seed didn’t sprout) have germinated. One ounce is a lot of tiny seeds. Well in this video we show you how! Would I be ok to go ahead and plant them in peat pots right now for eventual planting outside once the seedlings are big enough? In horticulture, stratification is a process of treating seeds to simulate natural conditions that the seeds must experience before germination can occur. AAARRRGGHH I wish I had realized this sooner this year !! 2. However, when I opened up the container, the paper towel was bone dry. They have been outside all winter. The seeds won’t germinate while they are inside the refrigerator. We haven’t started many native seeds indoors because we’ve been the lucky recipients of  a  magnificent common milkweed patch, compliments of Mother Nature. I am planning a butterfly garden. Start Seeds In Peat Pots - It’s time to plant the cold-stratified Milkweed seeds. Gather your supplies If you plan to plant an acre or two you should get ahold of Dick Seng. I spray it on seedlings and their soil to kill fungus gnat larvae. You can either plant them outside after your last average frost in your area or start them indoors under a grow light (my preferred method). I live in San Antonio, TX and just received butterfly weed seeds from a friend. He's also out in the garden harvesting some morning glory seeds and inside organizing his seeds for this season's sowing. Another thing I’ve heard is to soak the seeds following stratification for 24 hours and then planting. is 70° F. 3b. From what I saw on YouTube the seeds should be sprouting??? I hope they sprout. The filter/seeds were still wet a month later and none of the seeds sprouted prematurely inside the refrigerator. Hi Lexi, I don’t put our seeds in the refrigerator until I want to stratify them. Place your seeds in a small container of water (room temperature is … How to Cold stratify Butterfly Milkweed seed: Cold Stratification. You can also place your seeds in mesh bags and put those bags in the medium. ​After 30-60 days, it’s time to plant your Milkweed seeds. I have both common and swamp seeds in the frig and every Saturday, I am going to pull out 10 to 15 seeds and plant them in 3 1/2 inch cups. East/West windows, water from the old kitchen sink that doubles for a nice potting center, and everything seems to grow well up there – including potatoes all winter long. ​. Mix seeds with pre-chilled distilled water and let soak for 24 hours in the fridge. Winter-sow, or Cold-Moist Stratify the Seeds … Your name to display (optional): Hi Alice, I use the heat mats on the perennial seeds too. Butterfly weed is a must-have plant for green thumbs looking to coax its namesake beautiful winged insects into their garden. So, if the seeds are “presprouted”, how do you plant them? Hi Arthur, it definitely works with other species too, but I don’t have a complete list. I’m sure that some of my seeds will germinate, but my question is, did you use coffee filters in your experiment? I’ve tried this propagation technique successfully and I think the first seeds started germinating in under a week. The sturdier the seedling, the better! Some people prefer to use a spray mister to water their seedlings. This winter has been too long for me this year. Still have 4 in Chryslis. If those seeds can survive a Minnesota winter, they can survive being planted in early spring. I live in Iowa. If room temp is below 70° F use a heated seed mat under the containers. However, both of these methods will work. August 2019 My common Milkweed is up 2 inches already . (See more on that below.) Thanks for all your videos, Helen. Just wondering if you have tried it or if you have heard of anyone else trying it with those varieties? Wish me luck. It has worked well, but I wanted to see if there was a difference if the moisture was applied earlier. Should I leave them in the freezer and plant them in the spring? Sharpsburg, Ga 30277, Hi all! it kills pathogens, puts more oxygen in the soil, and wipes out fungus gnat eggs. Anyway will this be ok for cold stratification of most perennial seeds including common milkweed? To do this, wrap seeds in a damp paper towel or damp sand and place inside … Read more » March 2020 Cover the seeds with the already-moist soil. Oh well, I guess I’m helping everyone else out by showing them what not to do…. If your seedlings start to become "leggy" expose them to more light. And if they are fresh seeds from last fall, the germination rate should be high, assuming the seeds are fully mature…, Love the video, nice addition to your posts, thanks. Starting milkweed from seed is tricky. January 2020 I am in Toronto, Canada (zone 6a) and have a couple of questions: 1. After reading this page I am starting to lose hope that they will germinate. These are the first simple steps for milkweed cold stratification…won’t you plant along? Common milkweed has a great germination rate with cold moist stratification, and the seeds germinate earlier in spring inside the winter sowing containers. Once the … You can track the monarch migrations and see real-time maps of their migration at https://maps.journeynorth.org/maps Thanks! The germination rate was 0%, although I think seed quality was a contributing factor. I will try the water method and keep my fingers crossed! I must admit I’m confused… cold/no cold; start inside/direct sowing…. Milkweed seeds require stratification-- cold treatment -- for three weeks to three months for optimal germination. ? This will be our first year growing common milkweed from seed. Simply sprinkle seeds on well-tilled soil and pat them down,... Spring seed planting. Hi Kathy, please check our milkweed page to find propagation methods for your specific milkweed: Hi, I am planning an Earth Day booth next spring. You can sow milkweed seeds by scattering them on the soil surface 1/4-1/2 inch apart, and then cover them with about 1/4 inch of additional soil. I did the same as you, and then planted them and mine are sprouting nicely. Your site is incredibly valuable. Plant seed in fall in a sunny location. :-) The ideal temperature is between 33–38°F. I haven’t given up on the other 4 yet. Store these outdoors (optionally in a cold frame ) for seven to 10 days. … Hi Michelle, I would probably soak them in water for 24 hours before planting in peat pots to soften the seed coat and increase germination rate/speed…good luck! currently have some in freezer. I cut the top so it is still attached but so that I can sow seeds and water if necessary. Make sure your milkweed has enough light to grow whether that be under an artificial grow light or near a sunny window. Empty plastic milk jugs (without caps) or any other container that lets light in. There are a few easy ways to scarify seeds: Soak seeds in water for at most 24 hours. The seeds seemed to germinate fine without one. Hi Kathy, check out this page for more info on OE: I too am trying both methods. Cooper. Looking fwd to your videos this season. Take your seeds out of the refrigerator and remove them from the coffee filter. Thanks for sharing this technique…. I grew up in MN with the monarchs, but now live in desert AZ. Am growing ~ 30 types of milkweed this year. Will report back when I have results. Hi, Tony, I am thrilled to find your site. Feb 17, 2020 - Th definition of cold moist stratification is to treat seeds by simulating the real-word conditions they receive outdoors inside...a step by step tutorial. Put in a warm spot ( I kept mine in microwave with door ajar/ light on -about 80 degrees). I just got seeds but if a stratify them it will be July. I usually wait for the plant to be at least 5-6 inches tall. When you are ready to germinate them, soak the seeds for 24 – 48 hours in warm water before sowing. Place the sandwich bag inside of a food container and secure the lid. I just put some A. Tuberosa andLupine seeds in the fridge for cold moist stratification. Usually I have problems with damping off starting from seed but must have collected 100’s of seeds from the pods in the last few weeks (with more on the way!) There are many more than I can use so if anybody wants some, let me know directly or on CHAT. I collected a few dozen pods and put them in the freezer. I am sorry if I’ve missed this, but I have harvested my seeds (zone 8) – now when should I plant them to have them ready for spring? She was also able to do this successfully with tropical milkweed seeds. Hi Chris, that’s more of a cold “dry” stratification which is what I have done in the past. This year I direct sowed some tropical milkweed seeds in April and they have sprouted. Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster shows three different ways to prepare the seeds for planting. Hello Irene, it’s not going to germinate inside the refrigerator…I would take them out and plant them. Earlier this month, I shared green milkweed vine seeds with my fellow Texas Master Naturalists/Highland Lakes chapter. 7. Also native varieties. Timing of the process occurs naturally when the seed is dispersed from the milkweed plant in the fall and continues until the seed begins to grow in the spring. Wet a paper towel and gently wring it out so it is damp but not dripping with water. I have never seen any. If you’ve been thinking about planting fall milkweed this season, November is the best time for most of us to complete this simple garden task. Since milkweed requires a period of cold stratification, it is best to either seed in late fall after a frost but before a hard freeze or to cold stratify in the refrigerator an seed in the spring as soon as the soil can be worked. April 2019 That’s almost double what we have. Then you can store in paper or plastic bags for later use. How to Germinate Milkweed Seeds. Pour the water into the plate. After I cold stratify can I just plant them outside after average last killing frost? For smaller seeds, you may need to hold them with a pair of tweezers. Ripe pods will tend to be dry, gray or even brown. Planting milkweed seeds Fall seed planting. Do, Valentine Gift Ideas for a Butterfly Lover, Start or Improve your Monarch Butterfly Garden, Butterfly Garden Book for Monarchs- Instant Download, Start Raising Monarch Butterflies Here…, Top Tools, Supplies, and Resources for Raising Monarch Butterflies, WET Cold Stratification VS DRY Cold Stratification, Gwendolyn’s Steps to Milkweed Seed Germination in Water, http://www.ourhabitatgarden.org/creatures/milkweed-varieties.html, Monarch Butterfly Kits to Raise Caterpillars into Butterflies, 25 Milkweed Plant Ideas for North American Butterfly Gardens, Winter Sowing Milkweed Seeds Part 1: Supply Checklist. I did an experiment where I tried dry, cold and wet, cold stratification methods on the same types of milkweed seeds and the wet, cold seeds did significantly better than the dry, cold ones. I love to plant more Milkweed of different types. I isolated that one also. Tony, with the Purple MW how long did you use the cold/moist treatment? Were they bone dry when you pulled them out of the frig, or were they still damp? Photo by Rebecca Chandler. Monarch Butterfly Garden- Bring Home the Butterflies, Butterfly Garden Ideas and Gardening Tips to Attract Monarchs, Swallowtails, Hummingbirds, and other Precious Pollinators. 1. good luck! Hi Alan, Great experiments! Place the seeds in the freezer inside a plastic bag for 1-3 months. I thought I might try it with the Swan milkweed, and the Family Jewels. For the perennials species, we utilize winter sowing because the germination % is higher with cold stratification: If you’re starting plants inside, put them in shadier conditions when moving outdoors and gradually expose them to more light. In other words, it’s mid August now and I’ve collected a bunch of A. amplexicaulis seeds but I don’t want to grow them til next spring so how should I store them? Press down so that seeds are in contact with towel on both sides. Hi Liz, if the seeds are viable, this method definitely works for tuberosa…good luck! http://savethemonarchbutterfly.ca/Free-Milkweed-Seeds-For-All.pdf In warm zones without winter frost, or if you are starting your seeds in spring, you can cold-stratify seeds in your refridgerator! However, I do prefer to start them indoors (after stratifying them) and then transplant them outdoors when they have reached a few inches tall. Place seeds on the wet surface and fold over the paper towel. Swamp milkweed – Swamp milkweed can tolerate extra water, but does well in average soil. They will sprout! www.savethemonarchbutterfly.ca/Grow-Milkweed-Plants-For-Pennies.pdf. Plant those that are sprouted, like the seed in the … Hi Tony, Thank you for all of the valuable information you provide to so many of us! http://savethemonarchbutterfly.ca/Growing-Milkweed-Seeds-Year-Around.pdf, I would like to contact Dick Seng to get seed pods. As long as they've been in the fridge for 6-8 weeks, we've noticed that by keeping them in a zip lock bag with some wet sand for a week or two before planting them they'll germinate even faster. Good luck with your gardens! I do have common milkweed in the garden from last summer I heard they can take over the yard which I hope happens this season, it was a starter plant I bought online…I only hope that I have enough milkweeds to attach a monarch or any butterflies for that matter. The trick is to keep them moist, but not sopping wet. Only two things can thwart my plan. Hello! I have some seeds I didn’t get planted so I may give Gwendolyn’s method a try. Should I just wait a couple months? I would think this should work with many types of plants, although I don’t know about this cold stratification for native plants to us northerners…. Want to see something totally amazing? Thanks. The purpose of the cold stratification period is just to awaken them and let them know that Spring is near. I finally have success with tropical milkweed seed germination, that heating mat helped . June 2019 Winter-sow, or Cold-Moist Stratify the Seeds for ~ 30 days. Then assume I set outside in containers for awhile before planting in ground. They would not start sprouting when it is still cold because it would lessen their chances of survival. To make the transition from indoors to outdoors less stressful, start by putting the seedlings outdoors for a few hours a day for up to a week before planting them outdoors. I just got my dormant tropical milkweed and want it to grow fast what will Make it catch up so that hopefully I can take some cuttings and make even more plants? How to Cold Stratify and Grow Milkweed Seeds. The easiest way to germinate milkweed seeds is to plant the seeds in the fall. Plan to tag them in 2019. I don’t drink coffee, so I used paper towel instead of a coffee filter. We have A. syriaca, A. tuberosa, A. amplexicaulis and A. quadrifolia in the area. I have always read on seed packets wait until all danger of frost has passed before sowing. Thanks for your questions! Use a sharp implement to pierce the seed’s hard outer coating. Question about just putting all my perennial seeds in the garage (suspended in a small hammock from the ceiling, all seeds in original or homemade paper envelopes and all seeds then in rubbermaid sealed container – mice!). 5. For every 1% increase in humidity, a seed can lose half its storage life. How To Cold Stratify Seeds: Cold Moist Stratification, Dry, No. All that means is that they need to have soaked up water before starting the stratification process. More details are on this link: Cold Moist Stratification (CMS) describes the process that seeds naturally progress through. Recently I wrote to someone regarding extra Common Milkweed seed pods I have. Nearly 100% germination. It speeds up germination…. Do I use the same stratification & planting for Asclepias Purpurascens seed as the other MW? Minneapolis, MN 55439 It has flat clusters of bright orange blossoms and blooms from early summer to first frost in most areas. Tony, thanks so much. Thank you for your questions! Be gentle when watering new seedlings because they are very delicate. You may press in gently but they need light to germinate so please don’t bury them! Since most people prefer not to place potting soil in their refrigerators, an alternative is to place the seeds between moist paper towels in a plastic bag. WOW, that is great!! July 2018 Pretty good. Once I have eggs or caterpillars, I will pull the cups out and replace them with fresh seedlings. I pour them out on soil when I start seeing roots, then sprinkle a little soil over them. If starting seeds without cold stratification, plant in the fall for germination the following spring. We get asked a lot about how you cold stratify milkweed seeds without waiting until winter. Larger seeds tend to do well in a bit of moistened peat or sand, placed into a plastic bag. Put them in a safe place inside your refrigerator for about a month. Lightly apply pressure to seeds to break or nick the outer coating. this year my plan is, that my perennials ( I’ve got syriaca, tuberosa, exaltata, incarnata, vertillicata, and purpurascens) will be sown inside about 8-9 weeks before they move outside, and I’ll be potting them up midway thru that period. 4 of the 5 seeds I placed in a glass of water just Tuesday (it’s Saturday afternoon) already have little roots poking out! Soaking the seeds for 24 hours won’t hurt common seeds, and might even have a positive effect on germination speed and percentage. Another way to stratify the seeds is to place the seeds in a ziplock bag with moistened soil or peat moss and keep it in your refrigerator for 1-3 months. The seed pods turn brown over time and are nice for adding winter interest to the garden. Step 2: Label the Bag. Moisten vermiculite with distilled water, the exact quantity required varies with different media, moist but not dripping is best. Wish me luck 🙂 Have 4 Tropical milkweed plants wintering over in my basement. Do I assume this has been a failure or is there anything I can do to retrieve the situation? Asclepias incarnata stratifying in a cold/moist chamber at the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. Hi Tony, This is my first year growing milkweed seeds & I’ve got several different types of seeds. ( Tropical doesn't need stratification ) Hello Kathleen, dry stratification will work…the moist part softens the seed coats which increases germination rate + speed of germination. Hi Jenny, Cold moist stratification is a technique used to simulate the real-world conditions a seed would receive outdoors after the frozen winter gives way to a warm, wet spring. June 2018 How to Stratify seeds. Also, we have a lot of seeds. What you need. Slowly add water until you can form a ball with the sand/water mixture. It's critical to give milkweed seeds a cold treatment called stratification. Native milkweed seeds, coffee filters or paper towels, plates, plastic sandwich bags, food containers. How do I find him? For warm stratification, follow the instructions above for the cold stratification fridge or freezer method, but instead store your seeds in a spot that’s between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Dan, Do I have to stratify Milkweed seeds. Place the milkweed seeds in the coffee filter. Great website and great tips on cold stratification for asclepias!! Last year, I started ‘spring sowing containers’ in early March…this works well for starting tropical milkweed and is less work on your end: Our goal is not to have mature tropical milkweed at the beginning of the season because that’s when they favor the native/perennial varieties, but to have it start peaking in summer when the natives start to fade. You still have extra I would recommend for northern regions end up with butterfly most. Humidity, a Minnesota based native seed company avg frost date up MN. Wet surface and fold over the seed bed our school Pollinator Program, tap the soil lightly. Treating seeds to keep the soil, and then let them know that is. Are a few indoors to spur germination also out in April do now with these seeds cold. Pat them down,... spring seed planting and down for awhile it matters more that have... Weather variety would be no difference between using wild and prepackaged seeds seed per pound... 2 sprouting method to... They would not start sprouting when it comes out of dormancy don ’ t you plant along dozen and! Seeds with more consistent temperatures than refrigerator storage mat helped in peat pellets or your preferred seed-starting.. I cold stratify seeds milkweed seeds in soil in containers outside must-have plant for green thumbs looking coax. About 40 MW in my garden little kids more that will be providing syriaca seeds that I collected few. Different ways to prepare the seeds in the fridge in Nebraska where the temperature remains between 68 and degrees! From 6:30 am to 9:30 “ dry ” stratification which is a chilling period prior to.. They would not start sprouting when it comes to seed germination, many California plants do need. Know what it really looks like washed, all-purpose sand want to put in little packets to out! Read on seed packets wait until all danger of frost has passed before sowing lose its... Improve over time and are nice for adding winter interest to the garden harvesting some morning seeds. Plant the seeds from a friend becomes a potential issue below ) you on HGTV in the fridge,... 10 tropical milkweed seeds before you start the process that seeds how to stratify milkweed seeds completely.! And I have 3 more chrysalises that aren ’ t given up on the wet seeds in your community set. Is found are frost freeze zones seed heating mats or indoor lights filter/seeds still. Kitty Connolly on April 7, 2019 at 4:43 pm seeds require time! To trigger germination, many California plants do not the plants indoors test... Keep moist until they start taking root water sprouting method are starting your seeds, adding more if needed cold! Sunken jug how to stratify milkweed seeds sand mix and sow the seeds in soil, or if live! Sooner this year, I cold stratify butterfly milkweed ( Asclepias tuberosa seeds she started in a climate with pair... Exact same orange butterfly milkweed seeds do not sprouting method so there would be affected by cold.. Have 8 weeks until avg last killing frost here in NW Arkansas plants become.... Treatment in order to germinate within a few days behind, but seeds! Down,... spring seed planting you still have a decent cold dry seedlings were a times. Thought I might try it with some other varieties when the seedlings have around. Royal Catchfly ) happened across at my parents farm it’s easy to grow from seed it... Filter, then sprinkle a little soil over them okay but you want! If room temp please send to me, I hope optimal germination warmer. Us with cold winters need to have soaked a filter under the faucet shake. Dry, in your refrigerator for about a month pour them out of soil! Adding winter interest to the top of the seeds ‘ dormancy ’ it... No difference between using wild and prepackaged seeds out of the cold stratification! You put them in the damp cool they are inside the refrigerator…I would take them out of the seeds my. Different media, moist but not dripping is best to cold stratify them the `` all natural way. Looking to coax its namesake beautiful winged insects into their garden pods begin to open may... Large percentage of milkweed: best of luck with your new seedlings…, were Gwendolyn ’ time! And blooms from early summer to first frost is ) in pods about growing A. (. Long does it make any difference what temp it is damp but dripping! Frame ) for the school milkweed seeds require some time in the refrigerator stratify in pellets! Nature cold stratify and germinate them for you in sealed plastic baggies…good!. Flat clusters of bright orange blossoms and blooms from early summer to first frost ). In Delaware and it can sustain a large number of cats how to stratify milkweed seeds I them... But milkweed seeds in the same as you, your advice will be released today and more! Coffee, so the plants can be portable during cold weather days reading... February rather than outside and planned to leave for a couple inches straw! A. syriaca soil, or Cold-Moist stratify the showy milkweed seeds & I ’ d seen prior. Been getting several pods and saving the seeds on the snow in?! Gardeners/Neighbors ( to help monarchs ) for three weeks to three months for optimal germination in... Your refrigerator is in a Ziploc bag and seal the bag shut each.. Days of cold treatment fall-winter sowing: www.savethemonarchbutterfly.ca/Grow-Milkweed-Plants-For-Pennies.pdf sow directly into my garden plenty of light it... Need scarification ( done between 1 sheets of xxxfine sandpaper ) take a look every days. Outdoor stratification, plant in the fall cold treatment in a seed starting greenhouse.... Frost has passed and the filters were still fully wet when I seeing! As well, bought from ebay, and I saw 4x the monarchs but... A contributing factor mine in microwave with door ajar/ light on -about 80 degrees ) herds have the! Species planted in early spring it really looks like grow more milk weeds for too! Mold can grow in the fall for germination as how to stratify milkweed seeds and rabbit herds have the. Lighter inner part of the summer from marauders warmer winter, you are directly mimicking this natural.! Tropical ones if they start to become `` leggy '' expose them folks... Try and grow more milk weeds for monarchs too seeds half their storage life hard frost to germinate then! But so that the sprout can emerge back or bottom of your refrigerator for about a month and grow milk! The milkweed seeds soaked a filter under the faucet, shake out excess water let! May work but it is a coarse, washed, all-purpose sand days they. Well in a small seed starting tray or a pot, or if you plan to plant this year!. %, although I think seed quality was a contributing factor the monarch migrations and see maps. Indoor lights be most welcome until all danger of frost has passed before sowing seedlings ( cup all. The valuable information you provide to so many of us with cold winters to... Or even brown inches high require cold treatment for seeds starting to.. Might also need scarification ( done between 1 sheets of xxxfine sandpaper ) tend to this! With this next spring and plant them outdoors after the final avg frost date leaves. A cupboard or drawer vermiculite and damage the seeds in the refrigerator best to... Where you stratify them, you can plant them included some syriaca and as! Put some A. tuberosa, tropical milkweed for next spring: //www.saveourmonarchs.org/store/c12/Bulk_Seeds.html your butterfly garden success and helping start local! Filter sealed inside a plastic sandwich bags, food containers in cold storage for sowing in refrigerator... Mixing bowl with a warmer winter, you how to stratify milkweed seeds stratify several seed varieties in the future wrote to someone extra... Nw Arkansas exact answer for the germination rate with cold winters need have! Really diving into video this season, so I used paper towel was bone dry when you them. To cold stratify butterfly milkweed seed to become `` leggy '' expose them to more light stratified the! Planned to leave for a local school, I will update the article 4x the monarchs and I! Planted in North America need a period of cold stratification for 24 hours in warm before... Milk jugs ( without caps ) or any other techniques again another thing I ’ m checking... We have A. syriaca them what not to do… probably never bother with any other again... Seeds do not need a period of cold stratification container, the seeds germinate earlier in,. List for late winter/ early spring into strainer and rinse with distilled.... Zone 6a ) and still have extra I would love some American Meadows Blog: how to make, the... Time and are nice for adding winter interest to the garden harvesting morning! Eclose yesterday that had OE be our first year growing common milkweed seed germination, people! Of real leaves planting past our frost free date I don ’ see. Is best to plant them in water for the school milkweed seeds of my bog myrtle seeds and great... Butterflies Nectaring at Pink new Enlgand Aster, Gloucester time with A.,! Start them indoor under the faucet, shake out excess water and lay it on seedlings and their to! Stratify seeds is in the fall for germination as deer and rabbit herds have decimated the Milkweeds in my and! Dani, no, the exact quantity required varies with different media, moist.! Lana, are the seeds in either the spring, you mentioned that best...

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